Why dance?

What’s the point of dance? Why do I keep coming back? These are questions that I’ve been asking myself quite a bit of late, as I grapple with the effects of growing older on my movement and limited time from having a day job. I am someone who is extremely goal-driven. Right now I have no goals related to dance, so I am struggling to figure out what’s next and why I keep coming back. I’ve been getting movement from other activities, such as barre. I’ve been creating in other formats. (I’ve been making jewelry. If such things interest you, I invite you to checkout my store.) So why does dance specifically continue to matter.

The answer is both exactingly complicated and beautifully simple. I dance because it’s in my soul. I have danced as long as I can remember. Feeling rhythm in my body brings an effervescent joy moving through my entire being. I can’t explain why, but some of my happiest moments have been on the dance floor. While I enjoy the results of a good barre or Pilates class, I can’t say  either has ever left me feeling “bubbly”. And so I keep going. I keep looking for ways to move through my dance. I keep searching for a new goal.

Live, Love, Dance