What’s next

Four and a half months ago, I fell off a step stool. I snapped my ACL in the process. I had reconstruction surgery a month later. You can live without an ACL.  But I opted to have the surgery so that I would not have to give up dance. The surgery started a year-long journey of recovery. I’m about a quarter of my way through at this point, and it has been an interesting learning experience.

Recovery from surgery of this nature is exhausting and arduous. I have been doing hours of physical therapy every day. I’ve been staying home a lot, falling asleep earlier, and generally just trying to keep my head above water. At 3 months post-op, I’m just starting to have energy for the mundane everyday. I have begun using my planner again. I have started playing catch up with my life.  And I am able to dance once more, albeit in limited fashion.

But the most interesting part of this has been my creativity. From the time I fell until about 3 months post-op, I had no energy to create. I spent everything on getting through, finishing PT, and doing my day job. Almost everything else fell by the wayside. But in the last couple of weeks, I find myself craving creation. Movement is still problematic, so I’ve sought other outlets. I’ve made 4 collages, and have several others started. My dining room table is covered with magazines, paper, and cutting supplies. So how is this dance? Collage has long informed my movement. It’s a habit that I picked up from one of my teachers, Mira Betz. When I dance, I use collage as inspiration for movement. So while I’m not quite up for choreographing a 50-minute long dance just yet, I am up for filling a sketchbook full of inspiration. And I am curious to see what this sparks.