This month has been hard. I’m about half way through some pretty major changes around my dance.

Smiling Lune is closing its studio. I am ending my regular dance offerings for now. I’ll be limiting my teaching to company rehearsals and private lessons. A couple of company members are moving on to other endeavors. I wish them well, but am sorry to see them go. In short, there are lots of endings.

But it’s also a time of beginnings. I have been creating a space for myself to dance in my house. I auditioned for something outside of my usual dance style. I have started work in earnest on a new show. I have applied for a program that will provide lots of creative support as I create my new show. I will have a new schedule for the first time in years, so I will finally be able to take a higher-level dance class and push myself. Smiling Lune will be trying something new that we have talked about for years and not had time to pursue.

Change is hard. But like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, it also allows for new opportunities and growth.

Autumn leaf

Autumn leaf