The shape of things to come

It’s a few days after President Trump’s inauguration. I scroll through my Facebook feed and feel a myriad of emotions:

  • Frustration that so many people write off logic and science
  • Disbelief at people who have decided that antisemitism and racism are okay
  • Fear that my children won’t have decent, affordable health insurance
  • Anger at the misogyny and the insistence that old, white men know my body better than me
  • Humor at the trolling (I admit I have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy, and Trump offers a lot of material.)
  • Desire to go out and make it all better

Through it all, it is this last that I feel strongest. Moreso than before the election, I have been looking for the little ways I can help. I’ve sought out opportunities to help others. I’ve made many small donations to a variety of charities and causes that I believe in. I’ve been looking for ways to volunteer with a goal of making the world a softer place. And I know that I want to create art about all of this. I want to dance it out in a more meaningful way than dancing myself to exhaustion.

But right now, those emotions are so mixed and raw. The thoughts are fast, furious, and ephemeral. My ideas have yet to congeal into a firm shape. So for now I continue marching forward, exploring and forming. And I wait to see what is to come.