“Success” Today

My physical practice ebbs and flows, but it’s always present. Lately though, there’s been a lot of ebbing. I’ve still been going to rehearsals, and a couple of cross-training classes each week, but for me that’s as little as I can get away with moving. Less movement than this base level, and I experience physical pain. I can tell I’m hitting my minimum movement threshold because recently my lumbar has made its voice heard. My sacriliac joint has insisted that I not sit in a standard chair. I attended a dance performance last night and awas barely able to sit through the whole thing.  And I’ve been noticing. It’s time to start flowing again.

I’ve given myself a goal: 15 minutes of dance-related movement every day. For my dance, barre and yoga count. Spin class does not. (High-intensity cardio is great for my health but has less effect on my dance.)  And on days that I have no class or rehearsal scheduled, I commit to putting other activities aside for 15 minutes and moving. This 15 minutes can be drilling ATS® combos, practicing a fusion piece for a coming performance, or even just stretching. I should be able to accomplish this goal even through most illness or injury.

Today is my first day since setting this goal that I have no class or rehearsal scheduled with others. Today is the first day that I have no accountability to anyone but myself. Today is also Father’s Day, so I have many other items on my schedule. Today, success means that I will spend some time moving in my studio. In spite of all the other things going on, in spite of no risk of disappointing anyone else, and in spite of other artistic pursuits calling my attention, I will hold myself accountable for my 15 minutes.

My studio awaits