About a month and a half ago, I started transforming my new space into somewhere that I love. The process has been long and tedious. All of my spare time has gone to working on my space. I have been stripping wood, sanding, staining, and varnishing. My books are packed away, safe from dust and damage. My knitting and costume supplies are buried in a shrouded cabinet. My desk has sat closed and unused, cluttered with extra things stored away for the transformation. And it’s not done yet.

But there is visible progress at this point. I have rearranged the room to an intermediary layout. And I have started the process of reclamation. Tonight, I reclaim my desk. I sit here, typing my blog post while doing a computer backup and ripping the CDs that I received for the holidays. I will finish the workout notes for myself and my company dancers. I will play with music and create a playlist or two in preparation for starting up daily drills.  My intellect, creativity, and body all yearn to be used by my dance in all of its manifestations. Tonight, I start. I reclaim my desk. And I reclaim a piece of me.

Keep going. You’re almost there and remember, the sun is most beautiful as it’s going away. ~Yasmin Mogahed