Finale – or not…

We finished our run at the 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival last night with our show The History of (my) Dance. There are still 2 days left of the festival, and I will be relaxing, and enjoying shows during both. I’m sitting here, enjoying my lunch and a little down time, and trying to process a little of what this show has meant for me. I think I still have a ways to go in this regard.

Let me start by saying that this show has gotten the best audience reception out of the 5 that I’ve done. I’m very proud of this. But I also want to examine why. In some ways, the show was like any other. I started by giving myself a monumental challenge, and spent the past year meeting that challenge. This time, my challenges were to learn how to do personal storytelling, and to create dance that really nailed the emotions that I wanted to present. I think I succeeded at both, but have mastered neither. Audiences have consistently remarked on my vulnerability in the show, shared both through the storytelling and the dance. The fact that both of my challenges centered around vulnerability is perhaps the difference. These are things that I want to continue to explore in the future.

I end this run in a different headspace than I typically do. I frequently find myself depressed at the end of Fringe. Typically, the thing that I have given life to over the previous year or so, that I have poured my heart and soul into, has flown and died. That depression is probably a bit of mourning. This time, the show feels like a beginning.  I feel myself optimistically looking forward to where I can take it next. I think this one will be around a little while. And I feel hopeful and inspired to create more.

And for this and so much else, I am grateful.