Daily Drills #7

  1. “Crabapples” by Bruce Penninsula – glutes & arms; Normally, our glutes are very tight and controlled. The beat in this song has a very loose feel. Work to engage that loose, soft contraction in the glutes while continuing a port de bras with your arms.
  2. “Layali” by Natacha Atlas – smooth & locked
    Smooth and locked 15-12-16
  3. “Poison (feat. Shoshana Bean)” by Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox – interior hip squares; focus each transition between two points
  4. “La Camel” by Watcha Clan – downbeat: chest locks dbF, upbeat: alternate hip slides dbR and pelvic locks dbB
    Upbeat 15-12-16

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