Containing the madness

And I’m back. “Just like that.” After an awful fall of feeling incredibly burnt out, and a couple of months of hibernating and creating space, I am fully engaged in my art. I’m taking 2-3 classes a week, rehearsing with Smiling Lune, and working on my personal practice at home. I’ve got a couple of gigs in the next months. I will be offering a brand new workshop called Anatomy of a Move on April 23rd. I am working hard on my new show, History of (my) Dance for the 2016 Minnesota Fringe Festival. I am engrossed in research on the history of belly dance, investigating the ideas of Orientalism and cultural appropriation that are at the origins, and analyzing where we have managed to move beyond questionable beginnings to create a new, beautiful whole. I am learning a new art, storytelling, to better convey my thoughts as I write. It is all wonderful. Yet as I take a step back, I wonder how I continue to enjoy this ride without letting it drop me off at burnout point once again.

In order to burn out, a person needs to have been on fire at one time. ~Ayala Pines

Being burned out is a lot better than having no fire in the first place. ~Scott Ginsberg