Aspiration Versus Inspiration

I have been struggling to get my workouts and drills in lately. I’ve had some success with the exercise of  walking my dogs, but that’s because the puppy is a big ball of energy until he flops over at night, and he’s much more pleasant to be around when he’s had his exercise. Beyond this I’ve mostly been able to get myself to attend scheduled dance classes, and that’s about it. I am not “lazy”. I rarely sit still, and am continually working on projects. But this has gotten me thinking about the reasons, and more importantly what I can do to make workouts more appealing.

The reason seems to be a great deal of aspiration, with very little inspiration. defines aspiration as, “a strong desire, longing, or aim; ambition; a goal or objective that is strongly desired“. To inspire is defined as, “to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence“. Alternately, aspiration is the extrinsic hope, while inspiration is the intrinsic drive. I aspire to be a better dancer. I aspire to be stronger and more flexible. I aspire to truly master upbeat drills. But I am inspired by none of these things.

I am inspired to have a calm, sweet dog rather than a 45-pound-and-growing bundle of fluff  trying to nip my hand as I sit down to type. I am inspired to finish knitting the scarf that I am working on, for the dual benefit of clearing out some stash and helping a refugee in need. I am inspired to study more about the history of belly dance and my dance lineage. Unfortunately, none of these things helps me accomplish the intensive cardio or stretch and strengthen workouts that my body needs. So I will continue to search for some inspiration in this realm, and let my aspirations help me limp along with my workouts in the meantime.

What inspires your movement?

I always joke that you can get someone to buy a gym membership with an aspirational message, but to get them to go three days a week requires a bit of inspiration. ~Simon Sinek, Start with Why