About drills

I create these drills and playlists for me approximately every week. I offer them to my intermediate students to enhance their personal practice. Most are within reach of an advanced beginner if you slow them down a little. Notations (sort of) follow the format of Suhaila Salimpour. They are designed to be done daily for a week and take 10-15 minutes. You can adjust the difficulty by changing the speed.  All sets of drills use the following format:

Song #1:  Work a shimmy with port de bras. Focus on a tight shimmy to the beat with flowing arms. Work through standard arm positions and arm undulations, along with organic arm shapes. Technically, you won’t need to get a new song every week, but you will need a couple with a good speed for you.

Song #2: Hard and soft drill. Focus on alternating hard v. soft movements. You will want the weekly song for this one, as the drill is timed to match.

Song #3: Move of the week. Early in the week, start with an eighth-time exploration of the movement. Go slow (slower than you think) to really feel every muscle involved. As the week progresses, play with timing, speed, size, and level. You might want the weekly song for this, as I try to choose music that has a feel for the weekly move.

Song #4: Upbeat drill. These are a bit of a brain twister. Start slow and speed up as the week progresses. You don’t technically need a new song every week for this one either, but it’s good to have a couple of options.