Containing the madness

And I’m back. “Just like that.” After an awful fall of feeling incredibly burnt out, and a couple of months of hibernating and creating space, I am fully engaged in my art. I’m taking 2-3 classes a week, rehearsing with Smiling Lune, and working on my personal practice at home. I’ve got a couple of […]

Daily drills #11

“20th Century Boy” by Placebo – glutes & arms “Give up” by the BODYSHOCK – smooth & locked “The Sensual Shifti” by Eddie Kochack – interior hip circles; focus on moving smoothly from point to point on the clock “Somebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane – downbeat: pelvic locks 3/4 dbF; upbeat: chest square CCW […]

Beginning Again

There’s a novelty in beginnings with new things to learn and discover. The pressure felt by the expert is gone. You can rediscover your missing sense of wonder and accomplishment. There are new angles and approaches to life that you may have missed. I have gone back to the beginning. I’ve started taking 2 beginning […]

Daily Drills #10

“Debora” by Marc Bolan – glutes & arms “No, No, You’re not for me” by Eddie “the Sheik” Kochak – smooth & locked “Little Bird” by Infant Sorrow – vertical 8s D to U; focus on keeping the hips in the vertical (frontal) plane & connecting through center from one side to the other “Call […]

Tree of (my) Art

Coming back from burnout is a hard road. I’m coming to terms with the fact that my art and “enjoyment” of it had become intrinsically tied only to external measures of success. And in my head, only near sellout shows would qualify. Never mind that I choose to work a day job so commercial success […]