Daily Drills #8

“Exquisite Corpse” from the Hedwig and the Angry Inch movie soundtrack – glutes & arms Mahna Mahna by Cake – smooth & locked “Heart of Stone” by The Rolling Stones – undulations: Focus on rolling the undulation all the way down to the pubic bone. Don’t stop short especially when you add speed. “Jul Al […]


This month has been hard. I’m about half way through some pretty major changes around my dance. Smiling Lune is closing its studio. I am ending my regular dance offerings for now. I’ll be limiting my teaching to company rehearsals and private lessons. A couple of company members are moving on to other endeavors. I […]

Daily Drills #7

“Crabapples” by Bruce Penninsula – glutes & arms; Normally, our glutes are very tight and controlled. The beat in this song has a very loose feel. Work to engage that loose, soft contraction in the glutes while continuing a port de bras with your arms. “Layali” by Natacha Atlas – smooth & locked “Poison (feat. […]

Redefining sexy

As I continue to work on The History of (my) Dance, I keep coming back to this image. It is a sketch of a dancer at the Algerian Village  from the 1893 World’s Fair. If you are a belly dancer, especially an American one, you should be familiar with this Fair in particular. It is […]

Daily drills #6

“Baby’s on Fire” by Venus in Furs – glutes & arms “Gasoline and Matches (Soundtrack Version)” by Buddy and Julie Miller – smooth & locked “Arezou” by Niyaz – exterior hip circles “Dancing with Myself” by Nouvelle Vague – downbeat: pelvic locks dbF, upbeat: alternate chest slides dbR and chest locks dbB About drills Help […]

The Shuffle

If you missed Smiling Lune’s last show, The Forgotten Angle at the 2015 Minnesota Fringe Festival, here is a quick excerpt. The show was a Tarot reading and its interpretation. This excerpt is from the beginning of the second piece in the show. It represents the shuffling, cutting, and dealing of the cards. I choreographed […]

Aspiration Versus Inspiration

I have been struggling to get my workouts and drills in lately. I’ve had some success with the exercise of  walking my dogs, but that’s because the puppy is a big ball of energy until he flops over at night, and he’s much more pleasant to be around when he’s had his exercise. Beyond this […]

In my room…

An early selection from the current show in progress, The History of (my) Dance. At this point, I’m still reading from notes. Eventually, I’ll have this portion memorized, and combined with a little more movement.