Daily drills #4

 “Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)” by Van Halen – Glutes and arms “Marashtein” by Watcha Clan – Smooth and Locked “Dardar” by Marsh Dondurma – downbeat: IHS dbR CCW, upbeat: chest locks dbF (bonus, extends playlist to approximately 15 mintues) “Next Door Neighbor Blues” by Gary Clark Jr.  – Vertical 8s  D to […]

Defining space

One important barrier I’ve had to creating has been a lack of space. I’ve been trying to practice my dance, write, study, and choreograph on top of other people and their stuff. It hasn’t been working out so well. I have spent plenty of wasted energy feeling annoyed at people leaving their things in the […]

Weaving art

I’m feeling a need to reconnect with my art. This need is one of the main reasons that I started this blog. The extra challenge as a dancer is that I need to make time for both pursuing the artistic side of life while attempting to keep my body in top form. As I do […]

Thoughts on inspiration

I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration lately. I need projects. It’s how I have the motivation for both my artist and my athlete to continue on. A few months ago, I wrapped up a show that was the culmination of two years’ work. I was the choreographer, director, producer, and one of the dancers […]

Daily drills #3

“Shake” by Gary Clark Jr. – Glutes & arms “Dirty Water” by the Standells – Smooth and Locked “Breaks” by the Black Keys – Interior hip circles “Hejran” by Niyaz – downbeat: CS CCW dbF, upbeat: IHS CW dbL About drills Help with abbreviations

About drills

I create these drills and playlists for me approximately every week. I offer them to my intermediate students to enhance their personal practice. Most are within reach of an advanced beginner if you slow them down a little. Notations (sort of) follow the format of Suhaila Salimpour. They are designed to be done daily for […]