Daily practice or Jumping back on the wagon

Sometimes your daily practice gets sidelined. Perhaps you’ve been sick. Maybe you’ve done a different practice, such as attended a dance intensive workshop. Perhaps you’ve created and performed a show about the history of your dance. Any of these would be a good reason for temporarily letting go of your regular daily practice. In my […]


I’ve just spent the past week in the middle of the desert in northern New Mexico on a dance retreat with Mira Betz. Mira offers many types of intensives, and I’ve enjoyed them all. But her retreats are my favorites. Mornings give me a chance for some awesome fusion drilling and technique work. Afternoons and […]

Daily Drills #14

“Kotyka” by Goulasch Excotica feat. EtnoRom – glutes & arms “Everlasting Light” by the Black Keys – smooth & locked “Hati Kass el Rah” by Helm – chest circles; focus on options: leaving the shoulders as quiet as possible, adding shoulder circles to enhance the chest, etc. “Goody Two Shoes” by Adam Ant – downbeat: […]

Daily Drills #13

“60 Revolutions” by Gogol Bordello – glutes & arms “Honky Tonk Woman” by the Rolling Stones – smooth & locked “Tenere” by Bombino – pelvic locks; focus on varying the contraction between crisp and soft; be sure to use the low abs and low back, don’t just release “Leyli” by Natasha Atlas – downbeat: chest […]

Daily Drills #12

“Where the Devil Don’t Go” by Elle King – glutes & arms “Wild Horses” by Bishop Briggs – smooth & locked “Miskin” by Faudel – Vertical 8s D to U; focus on really using the obliques and the transition through center “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” by Iron Butterfly – downbeat: chest square CCW dbF; upbeat: pelvic locks dbF […]

“Dirty Boys” drill

Here is a drill that Smiling Lune is working on for an upcoming piece. Thought I’d share. It’s to “Dirty Boys” by David Bowie. Follow the sax at the beginning, and keep going for the rest of the song. If you are newer to belly dance, start with just the glutes either in straddle sit […]

Daily drills #11

“20th Century Boy” by Placebo – glutes & arms “Give up” by the BODYSHOCK – smooth & locked “The Sensual Shifti” by Eddie Kochack – interior hip circles; focus on moving smoothly from point to point on the clock “Somebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane – downbeat: pelvic locks 3/4 dbF; upbeat: chest square CCW […]

Beginning Again

There’s a novelty in beginnings with new things to learn and discover. The pressure felt by the expert is gone. You can rediscover your missing sense of wonder and accomplishment. There are new angles and approaches to life that you may have missed. I have gone back to the beginning. I’ve started taking 2 beginning […]

Daily Drills #10

“Debora” by Marc Bolan – glutes & arms “No, No, You’re not for me” by Eddie “the Sheik” Kochak – smooth & locked “Little Bird” by Infant Sorrow – vertical 8s D to U; focus on keeping the hips in the vertical (frontal) plane & connecting through center from one side to the other “Call […]

Tree of (my) Art

Coming back from burnout is a hard road. I’m coming to terms with the fact that my art and “enjoyment” of it had become intrinsically tied only to external measures of success. And in my head, only near sellout shows would qualify. Never mind that I choose to work a day job so commercial success […]