Daily practice or Jumping back on the wagon

Sometimes your daily practice gets sidelined. Perhaps you’ve been sick. Maybe you’ve done a different practice, such as attended a dance intensive workshop. Perhaps you’ve created and performed a show about the history of your dance. Any of these would be a good reason for temporarily letting go of your regular daily practice. In my […]

“Drones” from “Apocolyptic”

Here is part of Smiling Lune’s new piece “Apocolyptic”.  We debuted this on April 23, 2016 as part of the Guild of Oriental Dance’s annual show. I played quite a bit with some of the ideas that I learned in a Delsartian workshop. I’m looking forward to playing with this more.  

Containing the madness

And I’m back. “Just like that.” After an awful fall of feeling incredibly burnt out, and a couple of months of hibernating and creating space, I am fully engaged in my art. I’m taking 2-3 classes a week, rehearsing with Smiling Lune, and working on my personal practice at home. I’ve got a couple of […]